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Work was carried out to a high standard, and collaboration was a success!


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We recommend SIA "ARBO Windows" as a responsible and reliable partner.


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I would definitely recommend SIA "ARBO Windows" as a window and door manufacturer for projects of any level of complexity and magnitude.


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How to order doors or windows?
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Choosing a product

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Product instalment

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What material are ARBO Windows doors and windows produced from?

For most products, pine, finger-jointed in length and width, is used which is glued together in a way that minimises chance of deforming, swelling and developing splits and cracks. This type of wood is well suited for producing different shapes, is cost-effective and produced locally in Latvia. It is also possible to choose oak, larch, eucaliptus and other more exoctic types of wood for your windows and doors.

2. Are wooden windows better than PVC windows?

When it comes to such criteria as noise and heat insulation, then high quality PVC windows can provide the same level of quality as wooden windows, so it would not be reasonable to highlight one as superior to the other. However, wood is a construction material that has proved its excellent qualities through centuries. It is a renewable and easily accessible resource which, when processed accordingly, provides for the requirements of modern products and contributes to the value of your home.

3. What types of varnish are available for ARBO Windows products?

For finish of wooden windows and doors, two types of varnish are used - covering and stain, which leaves structure of the wood visible. For stairs and sauna doors/windows special varnishes are used. Before placing an order, it is possible to produce and adjust colour samples, to make sure that the shade of varnish matches your vision.

To keep your windows and doors beautiful and intact, varnish and colour-coating should be cleaned and maintained annually, preferable using appropriate care products.

4. Is it possible to purchase ready-made windows and doors at the manufacturing plant?

Our manufacturing process is organised by requirements of individual projects. The offer is created individually for each client according to the required measurements and specification, which effectively rules out storing products for immediate purchasing.

5. How can I be sure that the ordered windows will match my expectations?

In order to offer the most suitable solution, our project manager will get in touch with you, explaining and agreeing upon all the details. If necessary, measurements will be taken for your windows and doors. It is also possible to look at our products in person by visiting us in our manufacturing plant in Ventspils or in our Riga office. If you wish to monitor the manufacturing process, our project manager will update you by forwarding photos of the progress.


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